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God's Gift - Alpha Demo v2

Violent occult Lemmings-em-up

** THIS DEMO IS NOW OUTDATED ** I mean its still awesome but we've improved loads of things since this was released in march 2016. I've disabled the link for now, this old demo doesn't really represent the current state of the game. Watch this space and thanks for the support!

Art & Design - @SeventeenUncles

Code & Design - @TwinGemGames

Music - @MobiusDisco

all feedback very welcome seventeenuncles@gmail.com


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Man this game was a lot harder than I expected but I loved it a lot! The art style is gorgeous and the 16 bit looking game play is so cool too! I did a let's play of the first two levels for anyone curious!

MORE LIKE GIFT'S GOD, this font though.

Having your cultist dying shouldn't be so punishing in my opinion. I can understand why you want them limited but if some of them get killed in the beginning of the level you may already have lose the game but you won't know until you get them to the delivery point, which feels kinda bullshit when you find out and then you have to start over.

I'd bet that around the 90% of your players had to repeat your second level at least one time because of this.

But overall great job, really loving the monster design, I would like to see more background art though but I guess you have that on pending.

This is really cute!!!

I really like the art and animation for this!